Gerber Survival Knife

Gerber Survival Knife

Gerber Survival Knife Reviews, Tips and Best Deals

The Gerber Prodigy Knife is an Amazing Value. It comes in a straight blade and Tanto blade. This is the Tanto version.

Gerber Prodigy Review

Original Prodigy and Prodigy Tanto - Full Review

The Gerber Prodigy survival knife was inspired by the Gerber LMF II line of survival knives, was designed to military specs and is MIRS compliant. This means that the Prodigy meets the requirements to be purchased and used by the military.

This survival knife comes in two versions... the original Prodigy and the newer Prodigy Tanto. Both are made in the U.S.A.

The Original Gerber Prodigy comes in all black and the Gerber Prodigy Tanto comes in back with a green handle.

Both versions are Full Tang construction. This means that this Gerber knife is one solid piece and the two handle halves are pinned onto the blade, one on each side. This is the strongest of the tang types.

Gerber Prodigy Size

The overall length of the Original Gerber Prodigy knife is 9.75 inches with a 4.75 inch straight to serration blade. The Gerber Prodigy Tanto is 9.5 inches in length.

Gerber Prodigy Weight

Both knives weight in at around 7.25 ounces and 12.5 ounces with sheath, compared to the LMF II knife which without sheath weights nearly this much.

Gerber Prodigy Blade

The full tang U.S. made blade is meaty and tough. Coated with black oxide, the knife benefits from greater corrosion resistance and reduces the potential for reflection in covert situations.

The original version of this survival knife blade is made of the same material as the Gerber LMF...420HC stainless steel and has a standard rounded blade point.

The Prodigy Tanto has a Tanto point. Tanto blade knives are often used for tactical applications due to their high strength and ability to penetrate easily. This blade is also 420HC stainless steel blade. Many blade aficionados swear by the Sandvick stainless steel for strength and edge holding.

As with the LMF II, the Gerber Prodigy is reported to hold an edge well and sharpen easily.

Nearly half of this Gerber knife blade is serrated toward the handle. Serration is nearly standard in any good survival knives today because of the versatility and added cutting power that is added to the knife.

Gerber Prodigy Handle

The handle is overmolded with very grippy rubber that owners report makes the knife feel very comfortable when held. This knife is designed for a secure grip in any weather condition. This objective is aided by a raised dot pattern on the handle to ensure that the knife does not slip out of the hand.  

Although this survival knife does not have a butt-end hammer (like the LMF II), it does retain a very solid and useful window punch or pommel. The pommel is designed to break glass and could come in handy in hand to hand combat.

The Tanto handle is a quarter inch shorter than the original prodigy which could be an issue if you have large hands.

Gerber Prodigy Sheath

The sheath and knife are designed for stealth use and are made out of strong, low-noise ballistic nylon. The knife is held in place by high-qualty, low-noise snaps.  

The Tanto sheath is also made of low noise nylon and comes in a military spec digital camo pattern. The sheath can hold the knife facing in either direction for righties or lefties and the knife is held firmly in the sheath with snap restraint. The strap has some elastic properties so the knife is not hard to secure.

The sheath of both Prodigy versions ships with one leg strap. IF you have really thick thighs you may find it difficult to use this strap and my need to come up with an alternative.

Overall the sheath of both knifes is very versatile, offering nearly unlimited carrying options. It’s MOLLE compatible and can strap onto your leg, belt or pack.

Gerber Prodigy Street Price

Both the Original Gerber Prodigy and the Prodigy Tanto can be purchased online for between $40 and $50 dollars. The Prodigy Tanto is usually a few bucks more than the original, but for my money it’s worth every penny.

This survival knife is around $20 to $30 cheaper than the Gerber LMF II knife which normally runs around $60 to $70 bucks.

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Gerber Prodigy Owner Reviews

Reviews for this survival knife are excellent . It consistently gets four star ratings.

The Prodigy can cut through tree linbs, metal, lumber, wire and other material. Folks love the grip, weight and balance. Many comment on the knife’s ability to hold an edge.

So Who is the Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife For?

The Gerber Prodigy survival knife is a great knife for: hiking, camping, hunting, backpacking, extreme adventure trips, military uses, emergency preparedness, home security or general peace of mind knowing that you have a kick-butt knife that you can rely on when you need it.

If you want to save some cash, weight and size, and want a knife that you can easily carry all day go for the original Gerber Prodigy. If you don’t mind spending a few more pennies go for the Prodigy Tanto.

If the butt-end hammer, upgraded sheath with sharpener and lashing holes are important to you, go with the LMF II.

If you can’t decide, just go for broke. For a little over $100 bucks you can have both the Gerber LMF II and the Gerber Prodigy survival knives.

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