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Gerber Gator

Gerber Gator

What does every Gerber Gator survival knife, axe, machete and saw all have in common? Three things: the famous patented Gator grip, great craftsmanship and sharp, edge-holding blades.

The Gerber Gator line is so popular that year after year they keep adding to it, and reviewers have NOT been disappointed.

Gator Grip
Every Gerber Gator survival knife sports a lightweight yet durable handle with a nice, grippy pattern similar in look to an alligator skin. Handle cores are made from exceptionally strong glass-filled nylon and are bonded to an outer surface of Santoprene rubber. The result? A tough, lightweight handle that is durable and has a soft, tacky surface for great gripping in wet or dry situations.

Gator Craftsmanship
Gerber Legendary Blades has been around since 1939 as one of the world’s leading knife innovators. In all of these years they have not stumbled. Today they continue to be known for remarkable knives and tools in the price range of most adventurers. The Gerber Gator survival knife line is proof of their enduring commitment to craftsmanship.

Gator Blade
Most of the Gerber Gator series of survival knives and tools are made from 400-series stainless that is known for holding an edge, easy sharpening and use in poor-weather conditions. Stainless steel knife blades mean low maintenance and little, if no, corrosion, even in rain, humidity and marine conditions.

The Gerber Gator line consists of over 30 knife products. Let’s take a look at a few that I would recommend that you add to your emergency or survival kit:

Gerber Gator Fixed Survival Knife with Drop Point - 46905
This Gerber Gator knife is most comparable to other survival knives that we have reviewed on this site. It sports an overall length just shy of 9 inches and a blade length of around 4 inches.

Compared to the Prodigy survival knife this Gator is about 3/4 inch shorter.  It’s also lighter than the Prodigy survival knife.

The Gerbor Gator fixed blade survival knife has a nice drop-point blade for strength. It is fashioned from the same material as the Prodigy kinfe - 420HC stainless steel, for exceptional edge-holding properties.

There is one large serration notch toward the handle of this Gerber Gator knife blade which makes short work of cutting twine, rope and wire.

The handle of this Gator knife has a nice groove for your index finger.

Owners love that this survival knife is, “...made in the USA...stays sharp...feels great in the hand...” and “ a great all-purpose knife for just about any occasion...”

Gerber Gator Folding - Clip Point, Serrated - 46079
If you prefer a great all-around knife that folds up and fit in your pocket, this knife could be part of your survival kit.

Slightly smaller than the Gerber Gator fixed blade survival knife, the clip point, serrated blade is still very capable in a small footprint, folding design.

This Gerber Gator survival knife sports a serrated edge for slicing various materials and a comfortable index finger cutout to ensure that the knife stays put in your hand regardless of the task.

Bear Grylls has used this survival knife in his show, ‘Man vs. Wild’. Hey, if it’s good enough for Bear, it’s good enough for me.

To top it off, ratings and reviews for this survival knife are stellar. It’s been around for a long time and many owners still sing its praises after years of hard use.

Folks who have owned this Gerber Gator for a few years are often very bold in their enthusiasm for this survival knife.

Gerber Gator Machete
In any survival situation I would recommend 3 blades: small, medium and large.
  1. A smaller folding blade knife like the Gerber Gator - Clip Point
  2. A medium survival knife like the Prodigy, LMF II or Bear Grylls Ultimate
  3. A large machete with saw like the Gerber Gator machete

The Gerber Gator Machete sports a 15 inch cutting blade on one side and an 18 inch saw on the other. The blade is black oxide coated for reduced corrosion. This machete is NOT made from stainless steel and will rust if not oiled and cared for. Unfortunately most machetes in any sort of reasonable price range are not made of stainless. If they were, they would be priced out of the range of most consumers.

Regardless, this is a very nice Gator machete and saw for a crazy-low price of less than $20. It also features the famous Gerber Gator grip and a suitable nylon sheath to securely strap it on your pack or belt.

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